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Here at EUROTANK, we take great care that the manufacturing of the vessels is done in compliance with all applicable norms and standards. We have a strong focus on all the processes that our products go through from material inspection to perfect weld seams and quality assurance.

Certified employees

Through training, all EUROTANK employees have acquired the necessary skills and experience needed for controlling the welding process. All our welders are qualified for fusion welding steel and certified in accordance with the European qualification standards EN 14732 and ISO 9606-1.

CE pressure vessels

Our steel vessels comply with EU legislation. It guarantees you a product that are manufactured in accordance with common European requirements for safety, health and the environment.

Pressure vessel test

All pressure vessels undergo a high pressure test to ensure the overall structural integrity and leak tightness of the pressure vessel. The test is done with water.

100% component traceability

All components used in the production of pressure vessels are labeled when they arrive and registered during manufacturing. The label enables identification of the components for the manufacturing control. This ensures a smaller margin of error and a consisten product quality every time. The product is labeled in accordance with Danish working environment authority guideline no. on documentation for pressure equipment.

The individual parts are marked according to the following standards:

Metallic products: EN 10204
Unfired pressure vessel: EN 13445
Chrome moly plate: EN 10028-2
Pipes: DIN 17175 and DIN 1629


EUROTANK is certified according to EN3834 and ISO 9001.

All welding procedures have been prepared based on EN / ISO 15614-1, EN 13445-4, EN 13480-4 and AD-Merkblätter HP2 / 1 and verified by a third party organization. Inspection and testing of welds is performed by an independent third party organization.

ISO 3834-2

Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

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ISO 9001

Quality management of steel tanks and pressure vessels.

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Module D act.no. 190

Self-inspection of pressure equipment. 

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