Solid craftsmanship since 1962

EUROTANK is a Danish manufacturer of high-quality CE-approved pressure vessels in black steel. We are located in Harlev, west of Aarhus, where both administration and production are gathered. We make to order and approximately 60% of our products end up in our customers' export markets.

Manufacture of pressure vessels

Our main business is the manufacture of pressure vessels, accumulation tanks and other barrel-shaped items. We have a specialized know-how within solutions for storage of liquids, vapors, and gases. Each manufacturing step is carried out by highly experienced, qualified and certificed welders to ensure high-quality products according to EN ISO 3834-2: 2006.

When it all started

The company was established in 1962 as Botax Beholderfabrik A/S. In the 90s Silhorko-Eurowater A/S was the majority shareholder in company and the name was changed to Botax Eurowater. In 2000, the company was renamed to the current Eurotank A/S and was at the same time transformed into a joint stock company with Silhorko-Eurowater A/S as owner.

Silhorko-Eurowater is an international company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of water treatment solutions. EUROTANK produces specially designed pressure vessels for Silhorko-Eurowater which are used for drinking water production at waterworks and process water in many industries.

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